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Our main ingredients are the farmers traditions and our mountains scents

In our laboratory we only use the raw materials of our farm. We enhance the original taste of our meets, Orobic goat and Original Brown cheese according to the value of the poor cousine and using wild herbs from the territory.

Il ristorante dell’agriturismo è aperto tutti i giorni. Durante le belle giornate è possibile pranzare o cenare all’aperto.
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Local wines
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A rich wine list, with more than 90 names, 30 of them from micro local Bergamasque wine companies. Natural wines, famous sparkling wine and big players.

Our wine list

Wild herbs

The selection and picking of the best wild herbs of our mountains has roots in an ancient tradition, passed down from generation to generation and with the profound intrinsic value of the territory.

Our cheese

Our Original Brown cow and Oribic goat are produced by using only raw milk. The soft cheese production is done right after the milking process in order to use preciousness of its original temperature.

Our meat

Our animals diet is only based on grass and hay. Our Original Brown cows breed freely taking care of their habitat and deliverying 100% natural products

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