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We enhance the ancient flavors of our meat, cheese and Orobic Goat and Original Brow Cow cold cuts.

Our dishes are created with the excellence of our raw materials from our farm, products that respect the nature and our traditions. Our meat and cheese come from animals that breed freely and eat for more than 7 months a year only grass.

On Sundays and Holiday days our lunch offer is a tasting menu at 32€ for adults and 15€ for children.
À la carte
Wild herbs
Traditional cuisine
Grass-fed cheese

Tasting Menu

Sundays and Holiday days
Our own production of cold cuts and cheese appetizers, two first courses in the same dish, three sec...
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Ferdy's Menu

A la Carte - From 11-02 on
Our dishes are realized only with the raw materials from our farm. Our meats and cheese are produced...
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Cena tra Amiche

Menu degustazione (Antipasti di salumi e formaggi, Assaggio di primi, Tris di secondi con polenta, D...
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