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Our family

We live at the same rythm of nature.

Family is for us the strength of the generations who carry on traditions through shared projects. The principles with which we grew up are based on the belief in the mountains, respect for animals and the peasant cultural tradition.

Innovation and tradition
Same ideas, same principles, the same uphill road: the mountain one.


It Exist, but you can't see it.

In the summer Ferdy manages the herd of Bruna Alpina Original in Val d’Inferno (1 hour from here). The philosophy of him pervades every corner of our house, house that he built with his hands, stone by stone. The real Ferdy Wild: the founder.


Deus ex machina di Ferdy Wild.

You will find him everywhere: from serving at the restaurant, at the stables or sharing a carrot with the pony gang. He tries to be the director, even if no one in the family listens to him. He is Ferdy's son and Nicole's husband.


The real owner of the house.

She is the real hostess who patiently and tirelessly keeps the whole Wild Team on track. She is the wife of Ferdy, mother of Nicolò and Alice. She was the founder of Agriturismo Ferdy in 1989.


Reception Responsable

Responsible for the reception of the whole farmhouse, she will try to make you feel at home. She is Chef Marco's wife and Nina's mom.


At the head of the Shop.

If he is not walking with his sheep Mia, he hides in the Shop, where he will give you some advice on all of our Wild products. She is Nicolò's wife.


The first chef

He is the first chef, the kitchen is his world. He has the hard work to transform the agricoltural labors into unique and identity dishes. If you are lucky you can find him in the lounge for a greeting. Alice's husband, Nina Wild's father.

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