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Our way of living the mountain

We are here

Natural cuisine and pure wellness close to nature and immersed in traditions. Our facility is perfect for a holiday in nature, a riding lesson or even just to rediscover the ancient flavours of Bergamo.

Our farm is bordered by the river Brembo, and is easy to reach from the airport of Bergamo (BGY) and Milan.

Agriturismo Ferdy, year by year has been able to renovate by never loosing the strong bond with the ancient local traditions and the sustainability of the biodiversity with the authoctonous breeds.

The functional work of the company is based on the olistic concept by which it follows the daily rythm of the nature, enhancing the gifts of a grass that becomes food for the animals, medical wild herbs and raw materials for the dishes of the restaurant.

Our history
Original nature & wellness
The farmer life
Our farm daily routine goes with the rythm of the nature. We love to introduce the daily tasks to our guests so that they can take part in first person in the process of the breeding and of the discovery our mountains. The respect of the nature and of our traditions is what marks day by day our passion and the way of working of our family business.
100% Ferdy
Everything that surrounds you has a story. In our kitchen we use hand picked wild herbs from our mountains, different kind of cheese made in our Ferdy Pasture, meat from our breeding. The rooms our guests stay in are made out of different kinds of local wood and preserve the real wood scents.
Unique wellness
Our guests will stay in cozy rooms where they will discover the richness of our mountains tradition. The 'Wellness Hamlet', our Private Spa, is a special place where to enjoy relaxing and private moments in the middle of the nature. the Private Spa area is exclusively private.
Live the mountains
The mountain experience is for everyone: adults and kids, sportive and amateurs people. We will take your in a magic trip among our kitchen flavours. During the winter the snow, during the summer in a linden treen shadow. Each season of the year brings natural amazing gifts.
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