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Our philosophy

Our way of living the mountain

We look for new roads to ride towards our destinations since always: territory sustainability, productions' excellence and the exaltation of traditions.

Mountain's essence

We collect nature's gift that surrounde us as spontaneous herbs and roots according to the seasons, you will find them seasonaly inside our dishes.

Etik meat

We breed ancient races and we garantee to our animals at least 6 months of pasturage and healthy alimentation. Wild Etik is a road to ride towards the sustainability of the territory, the production's excellance and the exaltation of traditions.


Restart from milk, from our ancient races and the pasture, the extreme exciting craftsmanship of our master cheesemakers who don't just procuce cheese, but emotions. Original Bruna Alpina and Orobic goat Cheese.

Artisanal wines

We increase the value of small vigneron with a shared concept: carry on an idea of respect for nature, territory and tradition.

The origins

Ferdy Family born into 1989, when Ferdy and Cinzia decide to begin their adventure into family firm by buying ten horses. Ferdy, nickname of Ferdinando, begins these years to wonder how to transform this place.

The family then grow up with the childs arrival Alice and Nicolò and from the ruin of a farmhouse they obtain the place which will become the fuctional heart and the iconic image of the structure, hub of the harmony between kitchen, nature and sustainability. The farmhouse becomes such in all respects with some rooms built with different woods which smell as woodland, riding lessons, the restaurant and the educational farm.

"The own cheese production with raw milk, the collection by hands of spontaneous herbs and the use of meat from respectful breeding, are since always the base of our kitchen."

The new generation

"In the first years of 2000 Cinzia and Ferdy decide to move the summer dairy production into a mountain pasture in Val D'Inferno, close to the birth village of Ferdinando, and this is the moment when our first production of Formai de Mut shapes has been sancionated.

Inspiring from Mum Petronilla teachings and the peasent welfare's ancient traditions, Ferdy and Cinzia decide into 2012 to gain their own balance inside the stucture's: 'Welness Village' .

Into 2017 it starts the creation of a new structure, that will be done into 2018 but which looks like it has always been there. There are arranged technical room for farm's products conservation, a cheese factory and the 'Mercatorum Boutique': a place without time where is possible to buy the farm's products.

The future

Products, experiences and social networks are only instrument which support us day by day for our goal: develop a no time mountain, able to return the fatigue with great emotions.

Our Family
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