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Orobic Goat milk bath

Moisturizing, Nourishing and Antioxidant

Orobic Goat milk bath and private relax on hay beds
Ferdy herbal tea and handmade cookies. 

Couple whay bath in our stone bathtubs of the XX Century belonging to the Grand Hotel of San Pellegrino Terme

The Orobic Goat, grazing in ita natural way, produces a milk rich in vitamine A e E, omega 3 and antioxidants. 




65 € per 1 person - the teratment lasts 50 min 

120 € per 2 people

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This request is not a binding booking. We will contact you soon with a feedback regarding the best offer and availability. We thank you for the interest shown in our structure.
Extra services

Our spa treatments info

In our Exclusive Private Spa we will take care of your with essential oils, whay and hay in a whole new sense of confort and privacy.
In our Exclusive Private Spa you will find balance in an ancient beauty based on a strong harmony between nature and beauty.
  • Private SPA (private and exclusive area)
  • Wellness Kit included (slippers, bathrobe, towels)
  • Natural herbal tea

Other treatments

(Tra di noi)
(Edera di montagna)
(Non gonfiarmi)
percorso privato per due
Un regalo speciale per lei
(Arnica della Val d'Inferno)
Per la coppia -Periodo Estivo 120 minuti
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