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Original Brown Cow Salami

100% natural Salami

A very special salami with top quality original Brown Cow Meat, healthier and less fat than normal salami. Our animals have a natural and stright diet in order to guarantee in our meats the best healthy properties. Compared to the pork salami it has a darker colour and a little more intense flavor. It is enriched with a little bit of pork meat in order to guaranteed its correct seasoning through few months. The extremely short ingredients list make this cold-cut 100% natural and good for the whole family, to be eaten alone of with a slice of bread!

about 700-800g 

Price IVA incl.
  • 23,00 €
Spedizione gratuita oltre 83€ (supplemento isole). Progamma la tua spedizione: ordina ora, ricevi a natale.
Ingredients: Original Brown cow and pork meat, salt, wine, spices, natural aromas, E252 
Top quality meat
Only natural ingredients
Healthy and less fat than standard salami
Per tutta la famiglia