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Detox Herbal Tea

With Detox Mountain Herbs

In Italian there is a saying: 'In order to to look good ou must suffer! With this detox herbat tea maybe not so much. It cointains only hand picked up wild herbs of the Orobie mountains combined with some roots. The taste is delicate, a little bitter and it helps the liver detox the whole body; for the ladies it is good as well against the eater retention.
It does not contain any preservatives or colorants, just the goodness of our 100% natural Mountain wild herbs.

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  • 12,00 €
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Ingredients: Dried wild herbal tea (Young birch leaves, Taraxacum, Burdock, Angelic, Mauve , Wild Mint)
100% Natural
Hand picked up Mountain Herbs
No preservatives
Gluten free- Vegan

How to use it: Amount per person 1g. Leave it in infusion for a couple of minutes in hot water.  

How to storage: Keep in a dry and cool place (<25°), away from the light. The dried herbs, if kept in a proper place, do not have expiry date.