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Matüscin 2018

Ingredients: Orobic Goat Milk, salt, rennet 
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Under-vacuum packaging
Slow Food Presidium
Raw Milk production
Orobic Goat Milk
Grass or Hay Fed
Orobic Goat Cheese *Slow Food Presidium
Our Matuscin is a hard cheese with only the preciuos Orobic Goat Milk and recognized as Slow Food Presidium since 2015. It is an ancient cheese born in our Orobic Mountains; the flavor is unique, elegant and fresh. Our Goats eat freely on our mountains fresh grass and seedlings, the cheese is low in colesterol and with a delicate flavor. The production is concentrated from February till September (during the other part of the year the goats do not produce any milk and in february give birth to the goat kids). This cheese can be few months or years seasoned so it is available in low quantities but during the whole year. This Cheese gives its rarity to the very low quantity of milk produced by this special breed of Goats, it is as well knows as the 'Champagne' among the different kind of cheese. Fresh, delicate and with a strong floreal bouquet. Taste to believe it!