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Ferdy's Menu
A la Carte - From 11-02 on

Our dishes are realized only with the raw materials from our farm. Our meats and cheese are produced from animals that breed freely eating grass for most part of the year. 

Tasting Menu

You can choose the products among the ones marked by ***

Appetizers on a wood board, two first course, three second courses and dessert by the choice
per person, beverages excluded


The excellence of our Orobic Goat and Original Brown Cow cheese, animals that are for more than 6 months per year gras-fed and for the others mountain hay-fed. 

Our own production cheese and cold cuts on a wood board SLOW O.B GF
9 €

Selection of our cheese SLOW O.B VEG
9 €

Selection of our cold cuts SLOW O.B GF DF
9 €

First Course

Our home made pasta, according to our grandmothers tradition. 

Baked roll or crepe with cheese and wild herbs *** VEG
9 €

Bergamasque Casoncelli with foie gras O.B
20 €

5 seasons of ricotta in a soup O.B VEG GF
10 €

Bolognese sauce home made tagliatelle ***
10 €

Potatoes gnocchi, Agro del Ferdy cheese cream, Wild Thyme clouds and Taraxacum molasses spheres O.B VEG

Second Course

Our meats come from old animals bred in a natural way according to the animals wellness. 

Original Brown Cow tartare, Bergamasque kiwi mustard, acid yogurt, chives and kale O.B GF DF
16 €

Wild Range Turkey leg with sweet and salted chocolate demi grace and Mint mash
14 €

Original Brown Cow Braised meat cooked with Valcalepio wine and coffee O.B GF
13 €

Wild Herbst Balls with a melted heart cheese O.B VEG
12 €

Orobic Goat kid breast with singed milk SLOW
13 €

Fesa di Tacchino ruspante arrosto con crema di Latte sbruciacchiato
12 €

Supplemento polenta taragna / verdure di stagione

Side dish

Polenta with ancient corns VEG
5 €

Polenta Taragna with ancient corns O.B VEG
7 €

Vegetables VEG
6 €

Cinzia's simple dessert

Home made traditional desserts realized in our bakery. The semplicity of genuine and good products. 

Original Brown Cow milk ice-cream *** O.B VEG
5 €

Vanilla and ricotta cheese tart *** VEG
5 €

Soft chocolate cake *** VEG
5 €

'Ferdy Wild' Pannacotta with grapes jam VEG
5 €

  • SLOW Slow Food Praesidium
  • O.B. Original Brown Cow milk and meat
  • VEG Vegetarian
  • GF Gluten free
  • DF Diary free

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