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Our history

The Ferdy Family

The Ferdy Family was born in 1989 when Ferdinando Quarteroni and his wife Cinzia decided to start the newborn company by buying their first 12 horses. They started by letting the people get to know Ferdy’s identity and history on one side of the Brembo river in the Brembana Valley, a magical place that can only be reached by crossing a bridge. As a matter of fact, this bridge, will mark before and today, the only entrance to the Agriturismo by crossing an ancient gate and entering into the nature. During these years, Ferdy, Nickname of Ferdinando, can only imagine how this place will turn into a real farm ready to host his guests, the wife Cinzia in the meantime is already working for making this happen.

Original Brown Cow and Orobic Goat

The original project, develops into something more ambitious and serious when Ferdy decides to buy from his father, Rolando Nazzareno, his family cows and few goats. The cows are only Original Brown Cow and the goats only Orobic goats, two autochthonous breeds from the Orobie prealps and that lately will become one of the milestone of this family company. Those animals are one of the few able to live for many months of the year freely on the mountains eating only fresh grass and therefore producing milk with extraordinary healthy nutrition properties.

The family grows

The family has grown bigger and now also the kids Alice and Nicolò are part of it. The only pre-existent farmhouse walls are turned into what now is the functional heart of the whole Agriturismo. Agriturismo Ferdy becomes the perfect balance between the kitchen, with the usage of only raw materials from the farm and the sustainability of biodiversity of authochthonuous breeds and the territory. The Agriturismo set its functional heart in the concept of multifunctionality with few rooms hand-built with local type of woods and that smell like entering a real wood, horse riding lessons, the restaurant and the first didactic farms for the guests and schools. The farm and hospitality companies are based on old roots that go beyond the Ferdy family traditions but that embrace the whole Brembana Valley ancient traditions. The hand made raw milk cheese production, the wild herbs hand pick-up and the use of meat from animals breeded only by the same farm and kept for many years have marked, year by year, the relentless persuit of he highest pureness and semplicity of the ancient flavors. Ferdy has always had the driven to hike around his mountains and pick up the fresh wild herbs for his kitchen, sometimes even to go home and cook them himself for his guests; the same wild herbs that the old ladies of his hometown and his mother used to apply while cooking the local dishes. As a matter of fact Ornica, Ferdy’s hometown, was and is also today a very little town on the mountains and the Oriental spicies were unreachable.

Ferdy Pasture at 1400 masl

During these years the family sets the pace of a needed growth of the company, Cinzia e Ferdy decide to move the summer cheese making production in a pasture in the Hells’ Valley, very close to Ferdinando hometown, and in this year is stated the first cheese shape of ‘Formai de Mut’ of the farm company (literally cheese of the mountains, a protected presidium of excellent cheese made only on the pastures). The production is done step by step meticolously in the same way our ancestors used to do it, only hand milking, the milk is heated on wood fire, the animals breed freely eating only fresh grass and during the cheese making no added ferments. Those kind of cheese shapes stand for everything that the old cheese making traditions of the Orobie Mountains have left with a great focus on the healthiness of the raw materials and the steps of the production.

The Farmer Teacher

Ferdy and his wife Cinzia get specialized in didactic farms for guests and schools, activity already started in 1992 with the first green weeks. Agriturismo Ferdy becomes a certified farm for didactic activities by the Lombardy Region and offers year by year a customized experience of interaction between the guests, the animals and the farmlife routine. One day, Ferdy will find a little with surprise and gratitude his own picture next to an article in the Lombardy region building with the writing ‘The Farmer Teacher’, he was the ‘Farmer Teacher’.

Ancient wellness concept

From the ancient traditions of the farmer wellness, inside the main structure Ferdy decides to create an ancient hamlet ‘The Wellness Hamlet’. The first draft and ideas of this concept can also be found in Ferdy’s notes from 10 years before it was created and in his childhood spent with his mother Petronilla. She has always been a great inspiration for Ferdy and she used to cure the animals and the body according to the ancient tradition with medicinal wild herbs. When you enter into the wellness hamlet the scents of essential oils of white and red spruce extracted in the Hell’s Valley cuddle you in a timeless sensation of natural well-being; it is a place for a profound relax in privacy. Between XVI Century archs and local stones the guests can relax with treatments with raw materials from the farm such as hay, whay, essential oils, wool and many more.

Second generation

The children Alice e Nicolò have always lived and worked in the Agriturismo, but is this year they choose to be full time part of it. A company that in the meantime has grown and that now in it already work many Ferdy and Cinzia’s relatives. Alice, as a good lady of the house, specialises herself in the hospitality of the restaurant taking care of every detail with a warm familiar touch . She is the most expert about the natural treatments of the Wellness Hamlet and has an advice for any need. On the other side, Nicolò, an experienced worker in the farm in Lenna and in the Pasture in the Hell’s Valley during the summer for more than 10 years, will become the coordinator between the farm and the hospitality companies and staff, public relations and new projects development manager. As a wine fan, he studies for his Agriturismo a wine list able to rappresent the best wine companies of the territory or biodinamic and natural wines, he is also the right person to look for a fresh cocktail with a mountain scents twist.

Agribusiness and food industry awards

Agriturismo Ferdy in 2014 receives the «R-innovatori della Terra» (R-Innvators of the land) award, just right before Expo, The international Exposition in Milan 2015 with the focus on the biodiversity and the sustainability of the food in the world. It is certified as one of the best 10 excellences in the food industry in the Lombardy Region. In 2015 it is also awarded during the most important fair in the cheese industry named ‘Cheese’ in Bra town.

The new cheese making laboratory and the Mercatorum Boutique

Very important year in the shaping of the company targets, the family starts a new costruction next to the main one that will be completed in 2018, but that seems as it always has been there such as a part of the Priula and Mercatorum ancient commercial roads. The new building has different cellars in order to store the farm products, a cheese making laboratory that mixes the old traditions with the new technology and the ‘Boutique Mercatorum’ store, a timeless space where to buy local products from the farm and gifts for any occasions.


Agriturismo Ferdy during the years has always been able to innovate without loosing the strong bond with the local traditions, the sustainability of the territory and of authoctonous breeds such as the Original Brown Cow and the Orobic Goat. This holistic concept is the foundation for a company that lives according to the nature rythm, that enhance the nature gifts; a grass that becomes healthy food for the animals, medicinal wild herbs for the ‘Wellness Hamlet’ and wild hebs for the dishes of the restaurant. An endless effort that sets its roots in ancient local and family traditions with the aim to respact and enhance the preciuous gifts that the nature offers us.